Shawn Young (Fredericksburg, VA | November 19, 2018)
November 19, 2018. Photo by Mats Jerndal.


I'm a graphic designer and writer based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This site contains information about my work, side interests and background, as well as ways to contact me.

What's New?

As of late summer 2021, I'm doing web and graphic design on a freelance basis. My podcast, Yo! What's up!, is available on Apple Podcasts and iTunes. I also have a newsletter called Roughing It, which you can subscribe to below. Additionally, I've been Instagramming sunrises from Virginia Beach and have published a book based on that account.

You can contact me if you're interested in design services, and see what I'm up to on a somewhat occasional basis on my personal Instagram account. See below for other contact info and how to get in touch.

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