I'm primarily interested in nonfiction subjects dealing with Polynesian history and wilderness. Currently, I'm editing the oral autobiography of Kawika Kapahulehia, the late captain of the Hokulea during its historic modern voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti in 1976. I'm also writing a biography of Hamana Kalili, who some have credited as the originator of the popular “hang loose” sign. You can find information about these topics, as well as a collection of writing samples, by following the links below.

Works In Progress

A Summary of Facts and Anecdotes About the Life of Hamana Kalili, Originator of the Shaka Sign
A collection of oral histories from fishermen, surfers and local community members that knew Hamana Kalili personally.
The authorized biography of the late Kawika Kapahulehua, captain of the traditional Polynesian sailing canoe Hokulea on its historic 1976 voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti and back.


Shaka, Brah!
A small piece about the origin of the shaka sign. Published in The Surfer's Journal in late 2008.

Writing Samples

Paradigm Accommodation in Water Pollution Assessment
An essay written for a research methods class at Oxford Brookes University in November 2003.
Gestalt Theory in Graphic Design
A short essay written in December 2002, during the course of an undergraduate-level graphic design class.
The Synthesis and Mechanism of Creatine in Human Muscle Tissue
Written during the last year of my undergraduate degree in chemistry in November 2002.

From The Journal

Visiting Tangier Island
Notes and photographs from a day trip to a small outpost in the Chesapeake Bay.
Tom's Coffee
First impressions of a newly-launched product line by a well known footwear company.