Oxford, England

Selected photos from when I was at graduate school from 2003–2004. Taken in Oxford and various places around the UK.

Early winter morning at Christ Church, Oxford. Magdalen College Chapel in the background. (Friday, March 12, 2004)
Cranes in snowfall. Oxford. (Friday, March 12, 2004)
The ubiquitous Land Rover 110 wagon. Ullapool, Scotland. (Wednesday, April 7, 2004)
North Sea surf. Mainland west coast, Orkney Islands. (Thursday, April 8, 2004)
4,500-year-old ceremonial site. Brodgar, Orkney Islands. (Wednesday, April 8, 2004)
Blue. Orkney Islands. (Thursday, April 8, 2004)
Spines. University of Oxford Botanic Garden. (Monday, April 12, 2004)
The British Museum. London. (Thursday, April 15, 2004)
Saint Paul's Cathedral. London. (Thursday, April 15, 2004)
Windmills. Brasenose Lane, Oxford. (Saturday, May 15, 2004)
...and Oxford. High Street, near The Plain. (Saturday, May 15, 2004)