Photos: Hawaii (April–May 2013)

Snapshots from the windward side and North Shore of Oahu, with a few from Maui. Taken with an iPhone 4, GoPro Hero 3 (Black Edition), and a Lumix GH2 camera + 20mm f/1.7 lens. The trip was in April and May of 2013.

Photography provides a context for paying attention to the details of things. Although I spent a month there in Hawaii, it was a sad time, and I didn't give as much of it to looking at things the way I normally would have. For what it's worth, the shots below are a few that I came home with.

Horse near Waialua, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Near Waialua. North Shore, Oahu.
Plumbago flowers by the side of the bike path, Sunset Beach, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
Plumbago flowers along the Sunset Beach bike path. North Shore, Oahu.
Ghost crab on beach, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Ghost crab. Kaena Point, Oahu.
Water meets sand, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Surf. Kaena Point, Oahu.
Green sea turtle, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Green sea turtle. North Shore, Oahu.
Snorkeling near Three Tables, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Splashing around near Three Tables, North Shore, Oahu.
Waterline near Kaena Point, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Archie Kalepa putting his sponsor logos in order before the OluKai downwind race. Maliko Gulch, Maui.
Waterline near Kaena Point, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
I had just finished parking my car in Waikiki and Girard and Vanina walk by. Girard goes, "Hey, Shawn! Take our picture!" So, they get set up and I say, "Okay, Vanina…just move your paddle a little more to the the left... Good. A little more... Perfect!" (Click.)
Close up of day gecko drinking water at Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Day gecko drinking water. Coffee Gallery, Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu.
Keep The Country Country sticker on my car, Laie, Oahu, Hawaii
My car. Near Laie, Oahu.
Waterline near Kaena Point, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Waterline. Near Kaena Point, Oahu.