Years ago, the guys in this band were all Vaishnava monks that played really heavy music. The whole thing was a little paradoxical, but it made the package interesting. I saw them again in 2009 and took some photos with a cheap point and shoot.

Rewinding the clock a little more, sometime in maybe 1995 or 1996, I was walking alone, at night, down a street in Salt Lake City. I heard a low droning of really loud, overdriven guitars and pounding of drums that was familiar to me in my youth. It was originating from what seemed like underneath the sidewalk of where I was walking. There was a quality to it, so stopped and went in a service door to the side of a nightclub. I talked for a minute with the person checking IDs, who just let me go on in. I walked down a flight of stairs into a cramped, dingy basement. It was packed. It was this same band, but almost 15 years younger. They played two or three songs. There was a fight. The show ended.

This is a good video of the band from about the same time period. (For the sake of interest and comparison, this was the band playing the same two songs in 2009.)