Virginia Beach Sunrises book coffee

Recent Work: Virginia Beach Sunrises

In June 2017, I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. I soon picked up the routine of being at the oceanfront first thing in the morning, and I eventually started a little Instagram account where I'd post snapshots of the beach scene. The account got a healthy following and, over the next two years, I got a lot of praise for both the photos and also just showing up regularly and sharing something beautiful.

Over the course of doing the account, I got several requests for photo prints. I was reluctant to get into doing these kinds of one-off things, but after doing the account for about two years, I decided to make a photo book. In the fall of 2019, I ran a crowdfunding campaign and funded the project, then printed a single limited-edition run of 400 copies.

The book was my third project of that kind. You can read more about it in my portfolio using the button below.

Virginia Beach Sunrises book coffee
Sunrise at 1st Street Jetty, Virginia Beach, VA