Hawaiian sunrise shells for sale

Portfolio: Product Photography

Client: Sunrise Shells Hawaii
Date: March 2015
Category: Photography
Skills: Photography · art direction · photo editing

About The Client

Sunrise Shells Hawaii is a small jewelry company based in Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. The company's jewelry line features pieces made from a type of seashell endemic to the Hawaiian islands, which is commonly called the sunrise shell. The company is owned by twin brothers and Sunset Beach, Oahu locals Brian and Kevin Emery.

Project Overview

During the course of rebuilding the company's website (view project here), we decided that we needed additional product photography and collateral to round out the site. Subsequently, I shot these images outdoors under a plumeria tree with a Lumix GH-2. Personally, I like the natural lighting and contrasting shadow effects. The nuanced outdoor ambiance compliments the nature of the product and, for the most part, the images have a sort of timeless quality.

Sunrise shells are typically yellow and red. The green shells, sometimes called “moonrise shells” are more specific to the North Shore of Oahu. In the photos below, I selected higher grade examples of the various colors. The pink shell shown on the Hawaiian ti leaf, below, is particularly rare.

The Photographs

hawaiian sunrise shell necklace with GoPro Hero 3+ camera
hawaiian sunrise shell pendant with beach glass
sunrise shell pendants jewelry
rare hawaiian sunrise shell pendants
hawaiian sunrise shell pendants
rare white sunrise shell pendant
rare pink sunrise shell pendant
sunrise shell lei turquoise puka
rare green hawaiian moonrise shell
sunrise shell color variety
sunrise shell color variation

Good imagery distinguishes products and elevates a brand. The photographs above represent durable assets that were created in just a few hours, but which can potentially provide years of utility. You can view the client's website at SunriseShells.com.