Oahu shark diving tours

Portfolio: SEO Consulting

Client: Islandview Hawai’i
Date: May 2016
Category: Consulting
Skills: Search engine visibility

About The Client

Islandview Hawai’i provides cage-free snorkeling tours with sharks off of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. They run a small operation, offering a high-quality, unforgettable experience to a few clients at a time.

Project Overview

I was contacted by the business owner, Kaiwi Berry, asking for help with his company's website. Specifically, he was concerned that it was not appearing in search results as readily as he wanted. This was resulting in lost revenue and missed opportunities.

shark dive tour hawaii oahu

After reviewing the client’s website, I conducted a 45-minute phone call in which I gave him and his partner positive feedback about what they were doing well. I also offered specific, detailed guidance for how they could make alterations to their site without relying on outside help and likely see results in short time. Following our call, I summarized my recommendations in an email so that the client could have the material to refer back to.

A few weeks later, this is what the client had to say:

Aloha, Shawn! Since our conversation, we've doubled our web page views after submitting our analytics to Google, Bing, and a few others. The way you described the programming format and how it works made it sound less intimidating and less of a foreign language. I'll continue to ask you questions to further our website's growth! Good job, Bud!”

Kaiwi Berry
Islandview Hawai’i
Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawai’i

The notable thing about this project was that the client and I were able to gain outstanding results with a small investment of time and minimal overhead. Personally, I love doing projects like this because it shows the effectiveness that some precision tweaking to a site can have for a long time down the line.

You can view the client's website at islandviewhawaii.com. The video on the home page is totally worth it.