Iconography custom decorative finishes

Portfolio: Business Card Design

Client: Iconography
Date: July 2008
Category: Graphic Design
Skills: Graphic design · identity · production

About The Client

Iconography is a decorative painting company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are known for high end work in distinctive homes around the Mountain West region, and have done large scale installation work in locations around the United States as well as South America, Europe and Asia.

Project Overview

For this project, I built on a logo and brand identity that I developed about two years prior and created the overall card design. Following the creation of the graphic layout, I oversaw the end-to-end production of the card by lining up a local master printer who could do craftsman-quality work with custom embossing, custom ink color, and specialty paper. The finished product was one that was distinctive, unique, and suggestive of the quality of the client's own work.


Often, the most satisfying part of the design process is holding the finished product in my hands. These cards came out amazing and the client used the design, unchanged, for several years. My favorite parts of them were the flat quality of the ink on the front, the precision embossing, and the perfect color.

You can view the client's website at IconographyFinishes.com.