Portfolio: Web Page Improvements

Client: Atort Photography
Date: January 2016
Category: Web Design
Skills: Page layout design · HTML coding · photo editing · copyediting and copywriting · search engine visibility

About The Client

Atort Photography is the practice of Oahu, Hawaii-based photographer Anthony Tortoriello. The company operates a website, which is the main retail outlet for Anthony's fine art prints and other products. In January 2016, Anthony started offering instructional photography tours and asked me to set up a basic web page to provide information about the service.

Project Overview

The client contacted me and requested help setting up a page for a new product that he was offering through his photography business. In order to save time, I asked him to build it out as far as he could, adding the descriptions that he felt were most relevant, and I would take it to completion for him from there.

Following handoff, I improved the page by:

Overall, the new page is easier to read and understand, elevates the client's brand, looks better overall, and is more effective at driving customer interest and sales.



Web design website page for Oahu, Hawaii-based photography business offering educational photo tours

The HTML Code

				<h1>Oahu Photo Tours</h1>
<img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1002/5554/files/atort-photo-tours-1-1200x1200.jpg?2063381346327017649" alt="Oahu Photo Tour Turtles North Shore" />
<p><strong>Want to experience the island of Oahu's beauty</strong> as if you lived here, with the feeling of respect and aloha every step of the way? Now you can, with professional instruction by your side to guide you, share local knowledge, and to help you master the photography skills you want to learn while on your journey!</p>
<p>Each photo tour is personalized per individual or group. The itinerary and photography curriculum of your tour is custom created for you, based on your photography background and what you want to get out of the experience. Anthony uses his wealth of knowledge of the island and award-winning photography expertise to take you to his best spots and teach you techniques that will help you get amazing shots. You'll get the benefit of proven insider knowledge of Oahu and the North Shore, and satisfaction is guaranteed.</p>
<p><img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1002/5554/products/MotherlyLoveWeb_1024x1024.jpg?v=1448420409" alt="Educational photography tour on Oahu, Hawaii" /></p>
<p>Whether your aim is to experience a photo tour with an emphasis on photography and skills building, or you simply want to make the most of the time on the island and see the best sights, flexibility is always there. From nature to flowers, to sunrises and sunsets at the most pristine beaches; from farmers' markets such as that at <a href="http://www.waimeavalley.net" target="_blank" title="Waimea Valley Farmers Market">Waimea Valley</a> on the fabled North Shore of Oahu; people, turtles, waves...whatever your flavor we can nail it with style and grace! See popular beaches such as Laniakea Beach (AKA "Turtle Beach"), but get more out of your experience through gaining understanding and education about our <em>honu</em> (Hawaiian for "turtles") through the eyes of conservation groups like <a href="http://malamanahonu.org" target="_blank" title="Malama na Honu">Malama na Honu</a>. In the end, you'll gain a deeper experience of the <em>aloha</em> spirit through the understanding and respect that you'll receive on your tour.</p>
<blockquote class="testimonial">“With only 5 days on the island and a lot to do, I didn't want to spin my wheels trying to get great photos. Linking up with Anthony saved me invaluable time. I learned a lot, got the types of shots that I wanted and my photos from my trip were first class. Worth every cent!”<br /><span class="testimonial-author">— Mike, Washington, DC</span></blockquote>
<p>On your tour, you'll learn to take pictures just like Anthony does. You can choose a wide range of subjects and locations based on the kinds of shots that you'd like to get and the skills you'd like to learn. Some options include:</p>
	<li>Waves (in water or shoreline)</li>
	<li>Sunrises and sunsets</li>
	<li>Sea turtles (water or shoreline)</li>
	<li>Dolphins and ocean life</li>
	<li>Flowers and botanical subjects</li>
	<li>Mountains peaks and island vistas</li>
	<li>iPhone, GoPro and compact camera techniques (water or land)</li>
	<li>DSLR techniques (water or land, novice to master level)</li>
	<li>Photo editing and post-processing</li>
<p>The list above is just a sample of educational options that you can pursue. Tours can be relaxed and casual or ambitious. Based on your interests, Anthony will customize your tour to give you the island experience you're looking for.</p>
<p>Anthony custom designs your tour to suit you. Prices vary based on group size, duration of the tour, and features offered. On average, prices range from $250–$1000 for custom educational and scenic experiences.</p>
<h2>How To Book</h2>
<p>To find out about the Oahu photography tour that will be perfect for you, email Anthony at <a href="mailto:atort13@mac.com?subject=Oahu%20Photography%20Tour%20Inquiry">atort13@mac.com</a> and he'll get the conversation started!</p>
<p align="center"><a href="mailto:atort13@mac.com?subject=Oahu%20Photography%20Tour%20Inquiry" class="btn" style="height: 45px; font-weight: normal; padding: 12px 20px;">Contact Anthony</a></p>
<p align="center" style="color: #999999;"><em><strong>ALOHA!</strong></em></p>

While the content of the web page in question has likely been changed since the January 2016 screenshots provided above were taken, you can view its current state on the client's website, AtortPhotography.com.