Lost jewelry recovery service Oahu, Hawaii

Portfolio: Business Marketing Video

Client: North Shore Treasure Hunters
Date: January 2016
Category: Video Production
Skills: Video editing (Final Cut Pro) · HTML coding · marketing strategy · search engine visibility

About The Client

North Shore Treasure Hunters is a small business that provides lost jewelry recovery on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. They find lost wedding rings, car keys and other valuable items, sometimes several days after the item was lost. They work at day and night and often underwater with SCUBA equipment and specialized metal detectors.

Project Overview

The client initially contacted me in 2015 and requested help building a small website for the business. After the one-page landing page site was completed, I circled back and reviewed an archive folder of photos and videos. Realizing that the client had a series of clips that could be edited into a short video, I recommended we put them together and add it to the website. The thinking was that this would provide potential customers with further information about the business, add social proof to the company's services, and tell a story about the business owners and how they do what they do.

The Video

This is an example of an easy, simple, effective, results-focused solution created with minimal overhead expense, using content that the client already had on hand. You can view the current version of the client's website where the video was implemented at NorthShoreTreasureHunters.com.